Tuckered Little Guy

Poor Sammy just gets worn out trying to keep up with Ella.

It all started with daylight savings time. He's been waking up earlier in the morning. At least most mornings, but not always. Usually his nap time was 1 - 1:30. Lately it's about 12:30 or so and he comes to me to tell me it's his nap time. Which is way too cute if you ask me.

He tries really hard to keep up with Ella. She only has two speeds. Sitting still or full out mode. They run round and round (of course I continually tell them not to run) the house doing this and that. They are very good at pretend play. But after all this running I think he gets a bit tuckered out. This was the first time I've actually seen him lay down and watch t.v. Can't even say that it was the football game that wore him out. He did take a 3 hour nap just a couple hours before I took this picture.

He just looked at me funny when I went to take his picture. Then got mad when I got in the way of his show. Lets just say he went to bed really well last night.