Playing in the Snow

It's currently 8:45 a.m. and I'm in Sam's room typing this and he's still snoozing away. I came in and he looked at me and went back to sleep. I thought for sure me typing away on the computer would wake him up, but no, sound asleep.

The other day when it was a little warmer out I decided to let the kids outside to play in the snow. It was Sam's first time in his snow pants and he wasn't so sure about them. He had a hard time walking around inside the house and, well, once you got him in the snow he really couldn't walk. I put him down on the snow and he played in it for a few minutes. Needless to say after a few minutes he really wanted to go back inside. Ella had a lot of fun though and maybe when it gets warmer outside he'll enjoy it a little more.

Oh, and Sam's still asleep........


One Class Act

Sam got a new hat and he thinks he's just the coolest!


An Evening at the Theater

Jodi and I took the girls to see Sese.me Str.eet Live last weekend. It was the first time Ella had been to a show/movie or anything like that. She had a really good time. She did want to go see Elmo up close, but was a little disappointed when I told here we couldn't do that.

Just a funny...The other day we went to Tar.get and they have those closed caption cameras and TV's in the entry. I was putting Sam in a cart and Ella was dancing in the entry way. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was watching a show about her. Too funny. She likes seeing herself on those TV's.


Smile like you mean it

Ever have a hard time getting the kids to crack a smile? Not these days with Sam around. He hears the click of the camera and flashes his biggest grin possible. It's too funny. No matter what he's doing all you have to do is tell him to smile and he does. Such a ham.

These days he has an extra tooth to smile with too. After about 6 months he finally got his 7th tooth. It's just a bottom, but with all the food he's been eating for so long it sure is nice to have some extra teeth!


Happy New Year!!

Yes, I know that I'm a little late on the New Year thing, but I've been really busy reorganizing all the closets in the house to accommodate all the new toys the kids got this year. We enjoyed our New Years in Sioux Falls and everyone had a really good time. The year went so fast and I can't believe that it's already 2009.

2008 was a great year. Sam turned one and Ella started preschool. Zan started a great new job and I even got a part-time job that allows me to be home with the kids and work when I want. It's been a good year and I hope that 2009 proves to be an even better one.

Here are some pictures from Christmas in Sioux Falls...