We went hiking this morning not too far from home. Got a bit off trail and ended up some place pretty cool too. The kids had a great time and the weather was very nice and cool.

We need to go hiking more often. The kids have so much fun.

Here's where we ended up after going the wrong way (my fault). Notice the sign in the picture. That's the ski jump by the way.

Here's the skyline from where we were. The Minneapolis skyline is just to the left of the photo.

Ella also finished her swimming lessons this last Thursday. She starts up again on September 5th. She just loves being in the water and has done so well in her lessons.

We went to the house last night and they have most all the light fixtures up, the toilets and faucets in, all the appliances. We're just waiting for the master tub, carpeting and then there are just a few small things left I think. Not much longer now. I would have taken photos but I forgot my camera. :)


Coming Along Swimmingly....

As promised we stopped by the house tonight and took a couple pictures. Luckily there were a couple guys there working otherwise the doors would have all been locked.

They have put the wood flooring in, the cabinet hardware, a couple appliances were there, washer and dryer too, the tile in our bathroom and shower door, and the counter tops for all the bathrooms. Looking very nice. The sump pump isn't in yet and there's still some water in the basement, but it shouldn't be hurting anything.

Here's Sam's hair after a bath, and a combing by Nana....



So I've been meaning to update this blog, but just haven't found anything interesting to put up. There just hasn't been much going on. We've been enjoying pretty nice weather. I've been getting the things that we'll need for the house. I've also had a lot of paperwork for Ella's start of school. We have the open house next Wednesday.

Zan is out of town here for a couple days. I'm sure he'll have fun. We're going to check on the house tomorrow night, so I'll hopefully have some nice pictures to share. We were there on Saturday. They had put the linoleum in the laundry and bathrooms. We figure they're going to start on the wood floor next. Unfortunately there was some water back up in the sump pit. They hadn't put the pump in yet (although there is one in now) so there was some water in the basement from all the rain. It wasn't hurting anything though, so we're not going to worry.

Only about 5 weeks until we close. I'm so excited!!!


T Minus 47 Days

That's right, we move in 47 days!! We were able to get the close date today of September 30th. So I guess when we said the end of September we were right on the mark!

Wow, 47 days, not that I'll be counting down or anything...right? :)

Here's a little knit jacket that I finished for Sam. It has that old time style to it. He pulls it off well! I'm currently working on a sweater for Ella.


Holy House Batman!!

We went to visit the house tonight to see how the paint looked on the walls and we were shocked when we walked in to see not only the walls painted but the window trim in, the doors in, all the cabinets in and the stair railing too!

It was all a very pleasant surprise to say the least!


Dog Days of Summer

The days are getting warmer as the summer is nearing it's end. Ella starts school in less than a month and hopefully we will be able to move in about a month and a half. We've been keeping busy with the usual. Hauled ourselves out to the Carver County Fair this last weekend. We avoid the state fair but do enjoy the smaller version in our own home town.

Sam enjoyed his first taste of cotton candy. I would have gotten a photo, but my hands were a bit too sticky from eating it myself. Ella loved petting all the animals in the barn...Sam got a lick from a goat that made him giggle

I can't decide if I like this photo better in color or black and white...

And lastly the house is coming along very well. We stopped by tonight and they are done with the sheet rock. They have also finished the ceilings and sheet rocked the garage today. They put up the pillars on the front patio (sorry no picture of that) and will be painting the inside of the house tomorrow. Here are a couple photos of the finished sheet rock. They are of the family room and the kitchen.