Nuk Free Zone

Yesterday I decided it was ~the~ day to say good-bye to the Nuk Nuk. I informed Sam of this at his nap time. It didn't go over well.

I took Ella's away when she was 18 months, so he's been hanging on longer. He only has them during nap and bedtime but lately he's become quite attached. And not attached like he has to have them but when he's sleeping he likes to have one in his mouth and be holding onto the others.

He's like a little Nuk hoarder...

Nap time didn't go so well. He wimpered and asked for his Nuk's for a while. I went in after about a half hour and consoled him a bit. He wasn't crying for a half hour beforehand either. Just a little wimper here and there then it would be quiet and he'd start up again. Anyways after I went in and cuddled he went to sleep shortly thereafter.

I wasn't sure how bedtime would go but it was a breeze! He asked once for his Nuk and I explained that he was a big boy and didn't need his Nuk anymore. I guess he was okay with that and not a tear was shed.

Since his mouth didn't have anything in it there was a bit more singing and talking before sleep came though. :)

He's still asleep now but I'm sure he'll be a happy camper this morning too!!

(These are all old photos. The bottom is one of my favorite!)


Lindsey Vonn's Banana Bread

I was reading the local news online and came across an article titled Lindsey Vonn's banana bread recipe. I was planning on making banana bread today anyways so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Oh..My...Gosh...it's the best ever! Needless to say my lunch today consisted of banana bread and I'm stuffed!

So if you want the recipe you can go here.

The only thing I had to change from the recipe was that I didn't have any milk chocolate chips. I just used the Nestle semi-sweet, which were really good too! Instead of using one big bread loaf I always make 4 small bread loafs. They seem to cook up better and the kids and I like the smaller size.

Make and enjoy. Don't bother coming over here because mine will be all gone!


Wordless Wednesday: One Year Ago


Inquiring Minds Want To Know!!

Sam is at that age where he asks many, many, many questions. Ella went through the same thing, but at only a fraction of the pace Sam is. In fact she's into it now more than she was at Sam's age. Maybe they're feeding off each other or something??!!

What's that mommy? What's that mommy? I've learned that there are many thing that I don't know what they are or at least what they are technically called. "Um, it's such and such, but I'm not sure what it's called." Makes me feel really smart...

He also likes to point out everything and I mean everything. "Look mommy a hill. Look mommy a dump truck. Look mommy a bird." He's really into cars like Ella was but he has Ella who's been teaching him the different types of cars and he's pretty good at picking them out. He knows his Jeep's, most construction vehicles, semi's, dump trucks, mini coopers, bug cars, cars that look like mommy and daddy's, etc.

The other day I took the kids to Target and I was starting to go absolutely nuts with the questions! They were coming from both kids...at once!!! I was clearly outnumbered . Ella mostly wants to know exactly what certain things do while Sam just wants to know what they are. Let me tell you this kid is going to be brilliant. (Not that I'm biased.)

I'm learning very quickly how much a second child can learn from the older child. I think it makes a big difference that they are almost 3 1/2 years apart. She's learning so many things at school and Sam is just at that age where he's really soaking it up. Such a little sponge!! Ella just loves playing teacher and Sam is most happy to oblige!

Now on to food because I'm all about food these days. I made a homemade apple pie yesterday and oh was it yummy! I can't remember the last time I made a pie, but I had these apples in the fridge (healthy huh?) and they weren't getting eaten. So I baked a pie (not as healthy!). Made me the crust and did a lattice top that was very pretty. Turned out very well and I did take a picture that I'll put up on my other blog. I wonder what yummy things I can bake today? I really need some warmer weather so I can get out of the kitchen!!


Is It Spring Yet???

I think I can safely say that we all have a case of spring fever around here. We're just itching to get outside (in the warmth) and enjoy the outdoors again.

Thankfully it has been somewhat warmer and sunnier this past week so the kids and I were able to play out back in the snow. There is a lot of snow too! I tried digging all the way to the grass and after about 12 inches and a couple frozen layers I finally reached the bottom.

They had fun and want to go back outside but it's going to be getting colder next week and I don't like to be outside when it's cold and neither does Sam so we'll wait for the warmer temps again. Ella gets to play outside every morning before school, so she gets her fill.

Other than watching the snow melt there hasn't been too much going on. On Wednesday I baked cookies for the Lenten supper at church. The kids and I dropped them off at church after lunch. We can't make the service because Ella has swimming lessons Wednesday evening, but I can bake them cookies!

I made some homemade whole-wheat pasta this week too. I've really enjoyed making the pasta and am very impressed with how well it turns out and how yummy it is. Everyone eats it all up. NUM!!

Ella's class celebrated their 100th day of class on Wednesday. It looks like they had quite a good party!

And last, but certainly not least I baked some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. This was actually a last minute thing. I had a roast in the oven all day long so I couldn't bake anything. While we were finishing dinner I thought we needed a special treat and luckily I had all the necessary supplies.

I think they went over well...


Okay, here goes...

Time for an update, huh?

Today we went to get my car serviced and by the time I got home the brakes were shaking when I stopped, so we need to go back tomorrow to have them looked at. Not a big deal, but they're 45 minutes away, so annoying. While they were working on the car we went across the street and had lunch. My car is less than 100 miles away from being over 100,000 miles! Wow, both our cars will be over that mark. That's a lot of miles driven on our cars. My car is exactly 6 years old as of today too.

Ella's been having a fun time in her swimming lessons. I actually got a little video of her last time.

Sam got his hair cut. Instead of taking him to the salon I just decided to do it myself. I think it turned out pretty well. You've gotta like it when I get half-way done and he looks at me and says, "All done!" Not yet buddy...

He still wears his Viking's jersey proudly. He was quite smiley that morning so I snapped a few pictures while the getting was good.

Sam's been hard at work with his tools. The drill is his favorite. Followed by his wrenches.

Both kids are over their colds. Not that they ever slowed them down, I just never wanted anyone else to catch them. (Trying to be a responsible parent.)

I've been working on some new knitting creations. Here's a hat I finished for Sam. I like the fish. It was a little tricky trying to get the pattern down and then get it to work, but I think it turned out well. He likes it.

Here are some of the treats I was making for Valentine's Day. A few lucky people received these in the mail today (I hope). They were pretty yummy and looked oh so very cute!

Ella brought home a little bowl she made in art/pottery class. It's her first art project (other than pictures, etc.) that she's brought home. It's now proudly displayed on the shelves in the living room. I'm sure over the years there will be many more.

I've been keeping up with my running. At this rate I think I'll need to adjust my miles for the year. I think I'll be doubling it. Some days the running comes a little easier and other days I just don't have it in me. I'm still nursing my shin splints, but the pain seems to linger.


A Whole New Level...

of suckiness!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I've been very well intentioned, but I just don't take the time to actually sit down and gather all my thoughts and photos.

With Valentine's Day coming up I've been busy baking and helping Ella get her cards for their party today.

So I just wanted to let you know that we're still here and still cold. I've got things to share (nothing spectacular) and photos to share too. I'll be back soon....

I leave you with a funny from Ella...
Yesterday I was baking cookies in dinosaur shapes and Ella said she wanted one the shape of a long-neck-o-saurus! I'm assuming she meant the brontosaurus, but that was too cute!!


To Cut or Not To Cut

I've been trying to decide for a while whether or not to have Sam's hair cut. I'm leaning more towards having it cut (especially lately), but can't decide. I'm used to girls hair and just letting it grow so this is newer to me.

I also like boy's with longer hair too. That's why I thought I'd let it grow to see how it looked, but his hair seems to be getting a little out of control.

In my infinite wisdom I thought I'd take any opinions that people would like to give. Granted it's winter here so I wouldn't go too short until summer.

Here's his picture that I just took. It was hard enough for me to get him to stand still let alone smile. He's such a silly little fella...


Wordless Wednesday: Yoga for Kids