Whirlwind Weekend and Busy Week Ahead

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun over here and got many things done.

We spent Saturday at the beach and the kids had a fun time. Sam hadn't been to the beach before, but I'm sure he'll want to go back again really soon. I brought my camera, but left my memory card at home, so I'll have to get pictures next time.

Sunday wasn't as nice weather wise so we stayed home and got a few things done.

Monday was beautiful so we took a bike ride. We planned to go on a long ride, but the trail wasn't marked at all and we didn't go the right way. After a short trip we turned around and headed the other direction, but that trail ended before we got to our destination. I don't think they've finished the trail. Either way we did get a nice ride in.

I've been busy getting ready for my garage sale this week. Yikes the garage is so full of stuff! I just don't have enough room for everything on my tables. I'm hoping a lot of stuff sells right away so I can reorganize a little and make things more spacious.

Wish me luck on the sale. Thankfully my mom will be coming to help watch the kids. Ella only has 8 more days of kindergarten left!! I'm not ready to have a first grader yet though! It's all going so fast.


Wordless Wednesday: Hot Tuesday



I was originally going to entitle this post as "watching and waiting", but since I have planted my seeds a whole week has gone by. So now the title is "Sproutlings" because as of yesterday we have little sprouts in the garden. It's funny because when you have just one it could be a weed, but we have more than one. Quite a few actually.

It's been a lot of fun going out every day and watering and watching for something, just something to peek out and show itself. I can't wait until things get growing a little more!!

Here are a couple pictures I took last week of the garden. You can see the tomatoes, raspberries and pepper plants in the background. Nothing else was up at the time.

We're doing pretty well here. I've been sick for so long but am finally kicking it. I was getting over my last cold that was a couple weeks long and I caught another one! If that wasn't enough I got pink eye! I've never had pink eye before in my life and I don't know where I'm catching these things! Everyone else is doing well. Apparently I'm just working so hard outside that I've worn myself out and am very susceptible to these things.

Ella's all done with soccer for the year. She had a really great time playing and her team was a good team. The kids all had so much fun. They did really well too!

It's been quite warm outside and will be for the rest of the week. We've decided to stay inside today as it's supposed to get to 90 degrees and feel like 100. I think we'll get the pool out tomorrow.

We brought out the sprinkler last week and the kids had a lot of fun running around in it. I took a lot of pictures! Here are some of the ones that made the cut...

It was a rainy week a couple weeks ago, so since I couldn't be outside I was busy sewing inside. Julia from Work, Wife, Mom...Life! will be doing a giveaway later this week for one of my dresses. I'll let you know when she puts it up. Until then you can check out my site for the new dresses I have out there.


Snowy Soccer Game

Yes, you read that right it actually snowed (a little) during Ella's early morning soccer game. It rained all yesterday and the sun finally came out today.

There were a few sprinkles, a little sun and a few snow flakes. Very interesting and cold game. She played really well and actually wore herself out running.

We haven't been up to much around here. I've been busy working in the garden. I finished pulling out all the sod and am gathering all the dirt and other "ingredients" to put in it before I take the rototiller to it. That outta be interesting since I've never used one before.

The garden turned out huge! It's about 10 1/2 feet deep and runs along the back of the yard. It's about 70 or so feet wide. :)

I've also decided that I need a hat for gardening because I always burn the top of my head.

So it's been a busy week and will be a busy weekend, but good. I hope to start planting my raspberry and strawberry plants next week. I think I'll be bringing them inside tonight though because it's supposed to frost and as long as I can bring them in I might as well. My strawberry plants already have strawberries on them. I can't wait until I can go sit in my garden and eat! :)