Street Art

With all the nice weather that we've been having here the kids and I have been able to play outside in the afternoons. One of their favorite things is playing with the sidewalk chalk. Ella is really good at drawing all her pictures on the driveway. She just loves it all and usually ends up covering a good portion of the driveway with her art.

She was drawing a pig family and a couple other pigs. I asked her to draw a penguin because I love her penguins!

In the past year she has become so creative in the things she makes. Today while I was cleaning the office out she was downstairs making a spider hat. It's a black crown with eyes on the front and little legs hanging down the back. I'm always amazed at her creativity. It will be so much fun watching her artwork grow.

Here are my penguins that she made for me this summer. They were put in a frame and are hanging in the laundry/back entry. They are my favorites!


JoEllen said...

her penguins are cute! that is such a neat idea to frame her artwork.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sorry I didn't comment yesterday. We really like the art. I still have pictures sitting in my office from when you guys were here a couple of weeks ago. Her sidewalk art is very cute. I really like the one you framed. A few more like that and she could have an art showing. Ella grandma and grandpa really love your work.

Like the update on swimming also.