The Last Days of Summer

Today is the last day of summer. We've had such beautiful weather lately that we've been getting out and enjoying the outdoors as much as we can. Yesterday we went and picked apples at the apple farm. We all had a really good time. Ella loves the tractor ride out to the fields. I think Sam really enjoyed it too. Last week we hit the park (we go almost every day) and I took some cute photos. Not much else new around here. Enjoy the pictures!



Okay, here are the photos that I have. I need to take some of Ella though because I only have Sam photos today. There are some on my other camera and I'll get to them soon.

Here's Sam riding on his rocking snail. He has a hard time getting in and out, but he really loves riding on it. Then I have a video of him walking around the house and riding on the snail. Oh and he also has taken to climbing onto Romeo's bed whether or not he's in there. Little stinker!


Many Updates

Wow, we've been keeping busy around here. Sorry I don't have any pictures right now. I keep forgetting to download them and Sam is always sleeping when I remember that I need to do that, so the pictures will follow....hopefully.

We're all suffering from a little cold around here. Nothing bad, but just annoying. Sammy turned 11 months old on Thursday. He also got two more top teeth that day.

I went to a Norwex conference in Owatonna Thursday evening. I've never been to a meeting with Norwex and was excited to go. I'm really glad I went. The CEO of the company was there and she gave a really good speech, answered sales reps questions and showed us all the new products. I'm sure I will attend all upcoming conferences from now on. They have so many new products and they are all so great! I already ordered the new kitchen towels and after seeing them I can't wait to get them this week. They are going to be great, I think I'll need to order more.

I've never really been that interested in the skin care line, but now it's totally organic and after seeing it I will be switching to them as well. The skin care line is really nice. Everything is ECO certified organic and they are priced really well as far as comparable products. They are no more pricier than the products I buy at Target, but so much nicer and better for you. Needless to say I'm really excited about all the new things.

I'm planning on hosting an open house at my house here this fall. Hoping to get a few more customers and parties planned. Hopefully everything turns out well.

Other than that we're just hanging around here. We have rally day at church tomorrow. I've heard they have a mime for the kids. Ella's pretty excited about starting Sunday school. There are so many new things this year that it's taking a little more time adjusting to our new schedule.

We also got a couple new fish for our tank. Ella wanted to pick them out, so she got a couple new guppy's. These are not any guppy's though, they are baby guppy's. The lady at the store thought we were crazy for wanting the baby fish because they were so small, but Ella really wanted the teeny tiny ones, so those are the ones we got. It's really cute when she shows you how fast their little fins go. They are doing very well too. The smallest one is named Waldo because you can hardly ever find him. We're always asking, "where's Waldo?"

That's about all going on here, I'll try to add pictures soon so check back!!


When Ella's Away....

Sammy will play! His new favorite thing is crawling under Zan's desk. This wouldn't be a problem except there are electrical cords under there. Luckily he doesn't really play with those at all. He used to listen a little to me when I told him no, but he just ignores me now. He goes from one end all the way to the other and out. Then turns around and goes back and through. Troublemaker....

I took some pictures of him playing under the desk. You can definitely see the look of trouble in that face. The one of the graceful landing is cute too.

I also got a really good video of him walking across the room.


Labor Day and Preschool

Someone pointed out that I haven't updated from Labor Day yet. I've been planning on it, but it keeps getting pushed to the side. We all had a very nice Labor Day weekend. We didn't do too much around here. On Monday we did go out on the lake for the afternoon. I would have taken some pictures but I thought I forgot my camera. Turns out I did have it...oops. Sammy was just walking all over the place at Nana and Papa's. I did get a little video of him walking here at home.

Ella had a really good first day of preschool. I took a picture before we left. I would have gotten a picture in the classroom, but the kids all started coming in and it got a little hectic. She said that they played and went outside. I asked her if she played with other girls, but apparently she played with other boys in the sand. :) She also said that she missed me and Sam while she was there. It's nice to know that I'm missed....