Bullet Points

It's one of those days where a bulleted list seems appropriate.

* It's so windy outside! It's supposed to be warm, but with this wind it's very cold. It doesn't help that we live on top of a hill, but still.

* I need something soft under my keyboard because I don't think that the desk surface is exactly level and it makes banging noises every once and a while. Drives me nuts!

* I've noticed cobwebs starting to form in my tall, tall entry way. They are up by the window and chandelier. I have no idea how to clean these other than a really tall stick of some sorts. I just stood there at the top overlooking these webs as the sun was shining in so everyone could see. I need a very tall ladder to clean the webs and my window. I have no idea how we will change the light bulbs when they go out, but that's another issue altogether!

* I was going to cook a small turkey for dinner tonight but I got busy cleaning out the kids closets that I didn't get it in the oven in time. I need to think of something else for dinner tonight.

* One of the reasons I'm writing this now is because I don't want to forget and I really want to see the end of the C.S.I. trilogy tonight.

* We got our new Christmas stockings the other day that I ordered. They are very cute and have all our names on them. I thought it would be fun if I had a really big oversized stocking, but Zan didn't think that would be fun. :(

* Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and I'm pretty excited. Nummy food!

* Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. I'm not superstitious at all, but I always mention it. Let's hope it's a good day.

* Not superstitious, but I just went back and counted my bullets and thought there should be an odd number of them for some reason, so I added another one. I guess I'm a little weird.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Interesting situation you have with your entry, I am sure you will figure something out. It does sound like you had an interesting day. Sounds like you should be almost settled in you new place.