Friday Shopping

Since it's "black Friday" I thought I would post about shopping. I'm not one to get up early and go shopping. To me the hassle of getting up and fighting with other people just isn't worth it. I'd much rather shop online or when the stores are less busy. Some of the deals they have are very tempting, but I'm not that desperate for such deals.

Since moving into our new house I've done most of my shopping online. I've been very please with everything that has been purchased. I've found good deals, free shipping and that all makes shopping that much more pleasant.

I will say that I'm mostly all done with the Christmas shopping and have been for some time. I'm one of "those" people that likes to be done early. There are always things that pop up as you get closer to Christmas and not having too much to worry about is nice.

I received a catalog in the mail a short while ago and I thought it looked like the best stuff ever. It's called Nova Natural and if I had little babies I think I would buy everything. They have great wraps, clothes and wooden toys. You should really check them out.

Happy shopping!!