Day #19

As it would seem I'm running short on things to blog about. I do have a few things waiting in the wings, but with Thanksgiving coming up I thought I might save those for next week. Don't want to have all the fun at once now do we?

I gave Zan the chance to stick his foot into my blog and give me an idea to write about, but alas he did nothing of the sort. Gave me a bunch of stupid bad ideas that didn't work for me.

We were watching Fringe tonight. That has got to be my new favorite show. If you haven't seen it it's kinda like X-Files, but better. Maybe I just like the characters better, but love, love the show. You should definitely check it out if you haven't done so.

Yesterday, as I was in the middle of my workout, the doorbell rings. I go downstairs to make sure the dogs barking doesn't wake Sam up and it's Ella's friend from down the street. She wanted to know if Ella could go play at the park. Her mother was there too. Gotta love coming to the door in workout clothes by the way...

So off she went to play at the park. I like the fact that I can clearly see the whole park from Ella's bedroom window. I finished my workout and got Sam up from his nap. Who needs to nap when it's probably the last really nice day until next spring? There were a number of children all at the park. Everyone seems to know everyone there too. It's kinda nice having a neighborhood with lots of kids and that sense of community to it. I think next summer will be lots of fun around here.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Your doing great with the daily blog. Maybe you should try to keep going to the end of December. Just a thought. Liked the pictures of Sammy and the one of Ella. Your instructions on the bow making was excellent and pictures of the bow making was fantastic. A park across the street is nice and a great way to meet the other parents. It's nice that Ella has friends that will stop to see if she can play. Sorry we didn't comment on the other blogs just thought we would make all comments on the latest one.

JoEllen said...

a lot of parents must have the same idea (getting the kids out now before the snow & frigid temps hit) because our parks have been full of kids too! that is so nice that the par is so close by!!