The Splurge

As you know we went to Best Buy yesterday evening and closed the place down. I think we were the last ones out of the store. Apparently they don't announce over the loud speaker that the store will be closing. I just assumed they were open late. That is until we walked out into the parking lot and there were seriously two cars in it. Including ours!!

Oops, oh well. The cost of business I guess. We went to look and things and of course ended up buying. This isn't like us, well Zan anyways. It is like me. We ended up buying a few different things but this is the main attraction...

A 52 inch t.v. to go over our fireplace. Woo hoo!! When we were building the house we had them wire for a television in that spot, so we were planning on buying one in the very near future. Plus it is football season and the Vikings are doing great, so why not enjoy it while we can.

Unfortunately it wasn't in stock and we have to wait two/three weeks for it to come in. The silver lining to that cloud is I will have time to paint before it goes up. We are going with paint color number 3 in case you're wondering. The dark one (number 1, on the left) turned purple in artificial light. I mean really purple! I guess this is the reason you sample them out to see how they look in different light.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Cool flat panel you guys deserve it. Good idea to get it for football season and the Christmas specials (including kids holiday cartoons). So you closed out the place neat. Vicki says good choice on paint color, especially because it is such a large area.

PS Santa asks where is the Christmas list.