Well I guess the good news is that it's about half way through the month, so there's only 16 more days of boring blogging.

We just got back from dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. Mediocre at best. I don't think I'll go back there again. I miss the restaurant that used to be there. It was more my style.

Zan took Ella this morning to get her H1N1 vaccine. The county had a free immunization clinic at the high school, so we thought why not go. He called me shortly after they left to inform me that there was a huge line of people around the building. I told him to come home that he didn't need to wait in line. After Ella's swimming lessons we ran a couple errands and before we headed home decided to stop back at the school to see if it was busy and if there were any vaccine's left. Well they had some left and there was hardly anyone there. Walked right in and right out. Worked out better than we had planned. Zan said that there were news vans there this morning and everything. Apparently people go a little nuts for this type of thing. I figured if we get it we get it, if not then oh well.

I'm going to go try to finish painting the laundry room. I really want to work on some hair bows for Ella, but I should finish up the painting first.


Anonymous said...

I think you should sign up for the "blog-a-month-club" every month. I had a LOT of catching up to do. I didn't realize we were posting every day. The kids rooms look adorable. And the kids Halloween costumes are also adorable. Sammy looks like a pregnant bee. :-). Can't wait to see the house. I keep saying that but one of these days it will happen. Thanksgiving is almost here. I cannot believe how very fast the year has gone. Love the pictures of the kids and I feel like I have caught up on what has been going on in the last weeks. I like the "blog-of-the-month" club.

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob