Jump, Jump, Jump

We brought out the Johnny Jump Up for Sam to play in. He loves jumping around and Ella thinks it's really funny how he jumps. In case you're wondering her shirt is off because we were playing kick ball downstairs and she was really warm.

Sorry about it being sideways....oops.


Some Pictures From SF

I captured some cute photos of the kids in Sioux Falls and thought I'd just stick them up. The weather was really nice and they both had a fun time playing outside in the back yard.


Thank you Grandma and Auntie Jill!!

I decided to get out Ella's summer things and put away the winter clothing. Needless to say she has one huge wardrobe. Most of the clothing from last year still fits and there are also new things added. I think there are enough clothes in there to dress 4 children instead of one.

One things for sure though, she will be the cutest little girl this summer in all her dresses and cute clothes!


A Cute Photo

I just thought this was really cute.

First Trip To The Park

We decided to brave the winds today and head to the park. Ella's been really itching to get out there and play, or run in her case. We weren't there for long because it is just so windy outside and the park is on top of the hill too. Sammy got his first taste of the swings and really likes it.


New Tickers

I've added new tickers to the side of the blog. When I changed layouts it removed the kids tickers so I wanted to replace them. I've also decided to add my weight loss ticker. I'm generally not in the habit of displaying things like this, but I think it will help motivate me to lose the last of the baby weight before summer.

Notice that it doesn't actually show my weight : ) it only shows how much I want to lose (17 lb). Keeping in mind that only 12 pounds would get me back to my lowest before I was pregnant with Sam. I'm just adding another 5 for good luck! : ) I'll try to update weekly.

I went for a run tonight and didn't walk at all! It's only my fourth run in years and the first time I went a few weeks ago I walked about 4 times, so I'm improving greatly. I also got my hair cut on Saturday. Just a couple inches off the bottom, but I also got BANGS! I haven't had bangs in about 20 years. I'm getting used to them, but I think I like them. Zan likes them too.


Sammy's 6 Month's Old!!

I can't believe my little guy is already 6 months old. We had his check up today and he's doing really well. Sitting real nicely and he's getting ready to start crawling. He weighed in at 16 lb 7.5 oz which puts him in the 40th percentile and is 27 3/4 inches tall which puts him in the 90th percentile. Tall and lean, hum, where have I seen that before?

We're all doing well over here, three of us still have runny and stuffy noses, but getting better.


Closet Toe Sucker

Sammy LOVES sucking on his toes. I've been trying to get it on video because it's so cute, but every time I get out the camera he stops. After many tries I got it though!

The kids seem to be feeling better too. Yeah!!

Ailing Children

Both the kids caught colds yesterday. Runny/stuffy noses and fevers. Sam managed to avoid the fever until early this morning (3am). Ella is on the mend though I think and Sam hopefully will follow in her footsteps. She had a 102 degree temp yesterday afternoon. We've managed to stay cold free all winter, but I guess you can only be so lucky. I guess in the grand scheme of things this isn't too bad.

Sammy's been having a hard time sleeping because his nose is plugged up. He just took a two hour nap though so we're improving. Last night he kept waking up about every 45 minutes. But the good boy he is he went right back to sleep. Well off to check Sam's temp. Such troopers...