Sitting Sammy

Here's a little video of Sammy sitting. He's getting better every day. He tends to tip over though when he gets a bit excited! :) No cows were harmed in the making of this video. Sammy was also still smiling when he fell over.


Sammy's First Word(s)

So Sammy's first word was ba ba. It's all he's been saying all night long. ba ba ba ba. Then just before bed he started saying bob. So uncle Bob can be all proud that Sammy can say his name! I also weighed him tonight and he's over 16.5 pounds! Little chunker!


New Video

I realized that it had been a while since I've taken a video of the kids. I usually try to sneak up on them because they are cuter when they don't know they're being watched. Unfortunately they caught me, but they were still cute none the less. Sammy still hangs on Ella's every word. Notice how he's trying to figure out a way to get the photo album from Ella. It is Sam's album, but Ella thinks he's too little for it yet.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! We had a fun day here. The kids got up and found their Easter baskets along with a few eggs hidden around. I should say Ella did, Sammy watched. She had a really good time and is very excited with everything the Easter bunny brought her. Here's a photo I took this morning.

Ella then found her Easter basket...

All in all a good day. We headed over to Nana and Papa's after church. Their cousins were there as well and they all had a good time playing with each other. They are nicely tucked in bed now just worn out. Me too!!

Today is also a good day for Sam. He was sitting all by himself today! He's been trying hard lately but was pretty tippy. He sat for a long time without falling over, so I'll be marking this one in the books!!

I've also been playing with Photoshop lately and having just a hard time figuring everything out. It really is not easy to use! Here's a photo I was messing with tonight.


Sammy's New Socks

I ordered Sammy some BabyLegs. Basically they are leg warmers for babies. Aren't they cute??? Zan's still not so sure, but as someone who takes care of him and changes diapers they are really nice! They make diaper changes easier and I think that Sam likes how comfortable they are and he can move around more easily. Plus did I mention how cute they are?? They have so many different patterns that it's easy to get carried away, but I'm only allowed to get a couple.

He has really started rolling around too. I put him on his play gym mat and went upstairs with Ella for two minutes. When I came back down he had rolled across the room and had her shoe in his mouth!!! If he sees it now he just rolls over to get it. I guess we've got to keep a better eye on him now!

We are all excited to see Jill on Wednesday! Especially Ella, who also keeps asking if Bob is coming too...but she's okay with just Jill as long as I mention that we'll see Bob soon.


Our First Auto Show

We all headed down to the Auto Show today. Ella was very excited to see all the cars. Let's just say she was not disappointed! She sat in a few and really liked them all. She especially liked the one that looked like Nana's car.

There were a couple great quotes from the show:

"Ella, what was your favorite car?" "The red one!"
"Dad, listen to mommy!" (This was my favorite)


Official Puddle Jumper

Ella has graduated from her first class tonight. She finished her first swimming lessons: Puddle Jumpers 1. Now she can enroll in Puddle Jumpers 2. Here's her graduation photo:


Two Peas In A Pod

I took this picture of Ella and Sam this morning before we got dressed and had breakfast. It just makes me laugh every time I look at it. Not so much Ella but the look Sam has on his face. Or lack of a look I guess. I know I say this a lot, but they play so well together and are so cute. It will be interesting when Sammy is able to motor around. I'm sure Ella will be trying to get away from him because he just loves playing with her.

Where Did Jill Go???

I think we need to send out the search party to look for Jill. I haven't heard from her in a while and that is very unlike her. Let's start looking.....