Easter Fun (lots of photos)

We went to grandma and grandpa's for Easter. The kids had a really great time. We are still eating the candy that the Easter bunny left for them.

There hasn't been much going on around here. Still trying to sell the house. We've had quite a number of showings. We have at least a couple/few per week. Just got a call for one tomorrow night and we had one Saturday night. It keeps me hopeful. Just itching to start building.

Here are some pictures from basket and egg hunting:

Sam's first egg. (He's saying, "please remind me to thank aunt Jill for your bright flash mommy!)

What's this??? Mmmmmm......peep.......

Mr. Bunny counting the eggs with Ella...

We later went outside to play. It was pretty chilly, but the kids didn't seem to notice.

One of my favorites!!

First sign of spring.


I can almost hear ya'll screaming...

Why hasn't she updated the blog yet??? Mostly because I just forget or I am really busy. But today I'm sitting here and Sammy is sleeping. Ella and daddy are at swimming lessons and I'm really bored!! I thought now was as good of time as any.

I've been bored a lot lately. I worked so hard for two weeks to get everything ready and clean, but now that the house is on the market there's nothing to do. I don't want to do anything that makes a big mess. Everything is kept clean all the time so there isn't that to do. The weather has been sucky so we can't go outside. I think we're all getting a little stir crazy waiting to get outside and play. Hopefully really soon here or I might go nuts.

I have a few videos here that are pretty funny. Please forgive the messy house. (I know you don't care, but it really bugs me)

This is Sammy dancing with Elmo...

Ella and Sam are spinning around. It makes me dizzy just watching them, but they love doing it.

Ella is pushing Sammy while in his truck. He likes to be "dumped" out too...

I hope you enjoy the videos.

I will leave you with a couple Ella quotes from the day:

"Jesus was not a princess" -- Zan asked her what she learned in Sunday school today.
"Grandpa is big" -- Ella was instructing daddy how to draw grandpa on the doodle pad.