You know you need a separate master bath when...

You're trying to take a shower and the big yellow inflatable duck keeps getting in your way! I gave the kids their baths tonight and I hang the duck in the shower to dry overnight. I think we need a house that has one side for kid things and the other side kid things free. It's simply amazing the amount of toys/things that children can accumulate for being so small. Luckily for them they are very cute.

The weather was so nice yesterday that Sam and I sat outside in the yard while Ella took her watering can and watered the grass. I tau
ght her how to turn on the faucet outside (really funny) and fill up her watering can (even funnier). Sam just watched her walk back and forth while he was playing with a ball. Too bad it's supposed to rain for the next couple days.

Here are a few photos of Ella. They are from Sioux Falls. I don't have any real recent. I just love how these turned out though.


The Crawling Adventures

Now that the little bugger can crawl all over the place he's run into a few obstacles. He goes after anything that he knows he's not supposed to have. Some of his favorites are shoes and any sort of paper. He occasionally gets stuck too. Hence the two pictures.


Crawling Video

I finally got Sammy crawling on video. I just had to put the remote out for him. He loves remotes. They should really be waterproof though.

Sun Hats

I took a photo of the kids wearing their new sun hats courtesy of Nana. They are so cute. Ella wears her all day around the house sometimes too. Sam didn't mind his, but he wouldn't smile wearing it. I have three pictures that are different, but he looks exactly the same in them all. Too funny. We went for a walk shortly after this picture and Sam's hat fell down over his face and he just fell asleep. It pulls double duty I guess.

Sammy also got his second bottom tooth yesterday morning. Go chompers!!


Lots of Updates!

Leave it to Jill to point out that I haven't put up any pictures lately. I've only been busy taking care of two kids and putting on a garage sale. I have neglected the blog lately though and I apologize. The garage sale is now over and it did pretty well. You always wish it could've gone better, but it was fine.

Let's see, Sammy is now crawling! Forwards since a few days ago too! He's a little slow, but he'll get faster really quick
I'm sure. He's just started saying mama, well ma ma ma, but I'll take what I can get. He's working on eating some table food. He's had fruit puffs and some toast today. I think he likes the toast better.

Ella's been doing really well. We just got the confirmation for her preschool today. She's going to be in the Mon., Wed., Fri. afternoon preschool. Her teacher is really nice and I'm sure she's going to love it! She's been loving playing outside the past few days, the weather has been so nice.

Now to the pictures. There's a picture of us on Mother's Day which was very nice. Then there are a few that I took this evening. They take such cute pictures together, then Sam starts pulling hair and "playing" with Ella. So I had to put one of those up too! If you look closely at Sam's picture you can see his tooth! (If you click on the picture you can really see the tooth!)


We Have a Toofer!!

Sammy got his first tooth this morning! I was wondering when it would pop through. Luckily he teethes just like Ella did. You wouldn't know a tooth was coming except for the chewing and drooling. He's not cranky, fussy or anything then suddenly there's a tooth. I feel pretty lucky!

I'll have to get a picture when it comes in a little further.