Can I Buy Another Weekend Please?

We're still trying to settle in and I've been very busy doing little projects here and there. There are some projects though that require another person to help me. The problem is that Zan works early and late so he isn't available most weekdays to help me. Needless to say by the time the weekend rolls around I have a nice list of things that needs to get accomplished in only two days.

This weekend we cleared out our storage locker, yay!! Cleaned out the garage and got everything that didn't belong in the garage down in the basement. (The basement's pretty full!) Got the Christmas lights up along the roof line. (They look really cool!) Hung up a really big picture and a few other things. He also had to do some work this weekend, so there are a couple projects that will get moved to next weekend.

This week isn't busy for us though. I don't think there's anything on my calendar, which is nice. I think I might paint the laundry room/back closet. I got a cool, kinda retro laundry room green. It's a softer green, not quite a teal, I guess it's an aqua with more green than blue and soft in tone. Very laundry room.

Well it's getting kinda late. I almost forgot my post for the day. I will have a post about Ella coming up soon. Since I just had one of Sam I need one of my sweet pea.