A Sneak Peak...

Happy Halloween!!! Here's a sneak peak of the costumes....


Fall Leaves

We went over to Nana's a couple weeks ago and took some pictures in the pretty leaves. The kids had fun running and playing in them. I wish we had trees here...


My 100th Post

If you had asked me a year ago if I would have a blog I would have said no. I am now on my 100th post of my blog. Funny huh? Although I don't really use this as a sounding board for my many thoughts; instead it's more of a family album of goings on. It's been quite a ride. I couldn't think of anything great for my 100th post, but I do have some cute pictures from the past few days that I thought I would post instead. Since you just want to see pictures of the kids anyways!

We went and picked pumpkins last weekend. The crop wasn't that great, but we found a few keepers. Here's our scarecrow...

Here's Sam sitting on his doggy. Like his cute race car sweater?

Ella had her Play Doh table out and Sam thought it would be fun to stand on. He would stand up and then stand there totally still until I came and got him. Then repeat...

These are the drawers that he always tries to open. He manages to get them open part way then pulls out anything he can. I like this picture because he's standing so cute looking at them as if willing them to open.

When he gets thirsty he goes over to the fridge and tries to pull the door open to get his cup. He learned this one pretty quickly. He will even get Ella to open it for him too.


The Verdict Is In...

Sam had his one-year check-up today. He's doing very well. He weighed in at just over 20 pounds (20th percentile) and is 31 inches tall (80th percentile). He's running around, waving and clapping. All the things a one-year-old boy should be doing. Oh, did I mention he gets into trouble?

Here are a couple pictures of Ella reading a book to Sam before bed. Too cute!


Happy 1st Birthday Sammy!!!

I can't believe Sam is 1 year old already!! This year went so fast. He's grown so big and accomplished so many milestones in such a short time. We went to visit grandma and grandpa in Sioux Falls for his birthday. We played it pretty low-key, but had a great time.

Here's a picture of his cake...

The party hats...

The gifts.... We got him a very large puppy dog that he LOVES!!! Grandma and grandpa got him a ride on toy that is a little loud! :)

Eating the cake... He liked the cake. Didn't get too messy and then wanted to share.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the day... Enjoy the photos. We had a great day and Sam did too. On a side note, Sam's birthday is also Zan and my 10 year anniversary of our first date. What a coincidence...


Little Buzz

Sammy got a little buzz today. Nothing major, but his hair was getting long. I think I did a fairly decent job considering he doesn't like to sit still at all!!! His owie is healing very nicely and the stitches come out Wednesday morning.


An Evening in the ER

Just after I started getting dinner ready Sammy fell and bumped his head on the bookshelf. Nothing new, but he hit the sharp corner in just the right spot. After panicking for a moment I called Zan and told him we were headed to the hospital. I could tell it would need stitches. He was such a good boy though. He didn't cry very much and didn't seem to notice the cut on his head.

We were only there about 1 1/2 hours. He didn't like being held down to get the stitches, but other than that he was just fine and doesn't seem to notice. He needed 6 stitches. Of course I had scheduled his 1 year photos next week. I think I'll reschedule them. He is now sleeping peacefully in his crib.

In other news, I brought in Ella's little horse for Sam to rock on. He really likes it. Ella has been doing a lot of coloring/drawing lately too. I think she really enjoys it at school. I took a picture of a picture she made for me. The orange person in the lower left hand corner is Grandpa. Grandma is next to him in pink. Nana is in yellow and I'm next to her in the right corner in blue. Sammy (the little guy) is above me in black. Zan in in blue on the top and Ella is to the left top in orange. She even signed her own name. We were both very impressed. She has drawn pictures for Grandma and Grandpa and Jill too. We'll have to get them delivered soon.

Hopefully we can have a laid back weekend here.