An Evening At The Park

I realized that I hadn't taken enough pictures lately, so off to the park we went camera in tow. It was such a beautiful night out and the park was very quiet. This park is a new one that is on the edge of town (notice the barn and corn fields in the background). It is one of the parks in walking distance though which is nice. I took a picture from across the pond because I know how big Zan likes to get a visual. :) (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Everyone tried out the swing. There was a big monkey that kept getting into the pictures.

Ella took on the climbing wall and she does a very good job.

Then Zan climbed to the top and took a picture of us at the bottom.

Before we left for the park Sam was sitting in his exersaucer. He was really relaxed and just kicking back. We thought he looked like Papa, so we needed to get a picture of it. I had the hardest time getting a picture of him not smiling. Every time he would hear the beep of the camera he would smile. He's such a ham!! So I have one of him smiling and one with no smile.


Sammy's New Tooth

Sam's top tooth finally decided to poke through. He's been working on it for a while now. Of course he's also now grinding them together and making a horrible, horrible noise. Oh well, now we'll just wait for the other 5 or so that will come in soon. I think I'll miss my gummy little guy.

Ella's been taking swimming lessons all week long. We're half way through. She'll finish up next week. It's been harder going by myself instead of having Zan with me. I have to take care of Sam and get Ella ready and dressed afterwards. Half way done...half way done...half way done...


Garage Sales

I've never been one that is really into garage sales. Sure I have one about every year, but I never went to them. I've recently started going and I've been really impressed. We generally only stop at the ones that are on our walking route in our close neighborhoods. The neighborhoods around us are very nice, so that's a plus.

I think I can say that I'm getting hooked. The past couple we've stopped at I've found some really great books for Ella at about $.25 each!! I've also found nice clothing too. Today there was one on our walk and they had lots of baby boy clothes. I got 3 pairs of pajamas for Sam, 4 pairs of pants and 2 tops. The pajamas were Carters brand and most of the clothes were Baby Gap. I got all of these things for just $6.00!!! You just can't beat the price. Especially when they just get dirty and holes in them anyways.

Needless to say I've been very happy with my purchases lately. :)


Pool Video

We were outside in the pool today and I remembered that I had taken a video last time we were out there, but I had forgotten to post it. The funny part is when Ella is running around to the slide and she falls.


Right Brain or Left Brain

Now I can never remember which one is which, but I'd love to know which one Ella is.

My guess is that it's creative to be playing with Play-Doh, but what about when you take the Play-Doh balls and arrange them largest to smallest in a row. Is that the OCD creative side or is she just a genius??!!

I took this cute picture of Sam tonight while he was eating his quesadilla. This boy loves his cheese! Ella wouldn't let me take her picture.

I took these pictures Friday after the storms rolled through. Very pretty.


My Girly Girl

Ella is funny in how she seems to switch back and forth between a sweet little girl and a tomboy who digs in the dirt. If I'd let her she would dig in the dirt in her pretty dresses, but I don't. So the other day when we were getting ready to leave she wanted to bring her nice Dooney & Burke purse that her aunt Pam got for her. I was curious as to what was in it....

Of course, a pink purse full of cars. Typical Ella...


Sammy's 9 Months Old!!!

Today is Sam's 9 month birthday. I can't believe he's already 9 months old. He just keeps getting taller too. He had his check up today and he is 18 pounds 14 ounces and he is 29 3/4 inches tall. That puts him in the 25th and 90th percentiles, respectively. He's doing really well too.

Here's a video I took just a week ago or so. He just LOVES his walker! He's pretty quick too!


Bike Rides and Pool Parties

My goodness it has been hot! The only way to beat the heat is in the pool! We dragged out the pool on Sunday. Sammy, Ella and I were in it for a while, but Sam and I had to get out for his nap.

Ella wanted to take a bike ride tonight after dinner. It's fun getting out on the bike again. I didn't get to ride it all last summer. I could use a new bike though as mine is really old and squeaks a little. They both had a fun time. I like it when I look in my mirror and Sam is trying to "get" Ella. Very funny. Looks like we made it home just in time. It's really raining outside now. Whew!!


First Hiking Trip

On Sunday we went to Hyland Park in Bloomington to do a little hiking. It was Ella's first hiking trip not in the backpack and it was Sam's first trip in the backpack. We all had a good time. It was very peaceful and there were a lot of turtles to look at. They like to "peek" out at you from the mucky pond. :)

After we got back the neighbors motorcycle kept poor Sam awake during his afternoon nap, so he fell asleep after dinner in his exersaucer. Take a look at those long legs!!