Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a good, long weekend over here. Zan took off Wednesday and we've just been hanging out until yesterday. 

For Thanksgiving we went over to Nana and Papa's and had a nice dinner and the kids had fun playing. Friday we went and got our Christmas tree. It was just too nice not to go get it. If you remember we went in October and picked our tree out, so we just had to find it and cut it down. We found it pretty quickly. 

Ella and Sam on the tractor ride to the tree field:

In the field getting the tree:

The kids were so excited to see Santa. 

Saturday we actually made it to the mall. It was busy, but not too busy. Didn't really stay too long or find too much. It was just nice to get out a little. Sunday after church we just kept busy around the house. I was in my office cleaning it out all day. It's much more organized now. 

Ella has a part in the Christmas pageant at church this year. It's a non-speaking role, but she's really excited about it. 

I downloaded the pictures from my point and shoot camera and there were 1100 photos. I've let Sam take pictures from this camera and he's been very busy. I have a lot of pictures to go through. Some of them are really cute. I'll get some up once they've been sorted.


New Crafty Space

Over the weekend Zan and I built the kids a new table to do all their coloring and crafting. Until now they've been in the kitchen sitting at the kitchen island. This has been driving me absolutely nuts! Paper everywhere, markers rolling under the refrigerator - it needed to stop!

Last weekend I reorganized Sam's room and brought the train table and some other toys into his room. Then this weekend we built the table to put downstairs and move their stuff out of my kitchen. It's brilliant and I love having my kitchen back!! There's a nice big shelf underneath the table too. We're going to buy some new pretty bins to put under there and they will have all the room they need for their things.


And He Dressed Himself

Sam was still in his jammies at lunch time so I told him to go get dressed. This is something I usually help with, but I was trying to finish up my work and figured it would be good practice for him.

He comes back wondering if he can wear these pants...

I don't know if you can tell but this is a jacket turned upside down and he has his feet in the arms and the hood is hanging down. Before I told him that they weren't pants I had to take a picture. 

Then I told him that it was a jacket and not pants and to please go get changed.

Then he came back in wearing this...

Much better!


Partied Too Hard

I think we partied too hard tonight. :)



Fall Photos

The burning bushes in front of the house are so red and beautiful I just had to get some photos. I have the kids' school photos, but none of them together. So yesterday I made the kids change for some photos. I didn't get any of just Ella (I took the one's of Sam while we were waiting for Ella to get home for school), but the pictures are very cute! In my opinion of course.



Trick or Treating

I'm not sure what to do with all the candy we have here at the house - oh wait, eat it! I had two huge bowls full of candy and didn't run out this year. I think we had about half of one bowl left, plus what the kids got around the neighborhood and we have almost the same amount I started with - just a better variety. I think it will last until Easter.

The kids had lots of fun trick or treating. The weather was nice - cool, but calm. Ella was a butterfly and Sam was a robot.

Instead of carving pumpkins this year which usually consists of Zan and I carving them we decided to let the kids paint their pumpkins. They had a fun time and I didn't have to stick my hand in a pumpkin (yet anyways). :) I do have plans for those pumpkins though and it requires a large knife.

Here's what the front porch looked like webs and all. (Oh and aren't my burning bushes pretty??) (And please ignore the dead mums - not quite sure what happened to those - other than them dying.)

Now off to get ready for Thanksgiving!