A Running Start

Ella's bus is scheduled to pick her up at 7:29 am. After having to run to the bus stop one morning we started going a little earlier. These mornings of running to the bus stop (only 3 houses down) have become more frequent. Take this morning for instance. We left early (as usual) and headed out. Then Ella noticed the bus was coming. It turns down our street and we are the first stop at the corner. So we start running (and by running I mean walking fast). Romeo and I walk back to our house watching the neighbor kids running to their bus stop too and when I get inside the clock reads 7:27!

So I guess we will adjust our schedule and leave a couple more minutes earlier. The thing is that if she misses the bus I have to bring her to school. This is fine except for the fact that I would have to get Sam up and dressed before we could leave. That just wouldn't be fun. So we adjust.

I think the kids are getting better adjusted to the daylight savings time. Yesterday Sam was up very early and sleepy/grumpy throughout the day. He took a long nap too and I woke him up after 3 hours. He's still sleeping now, so I think he's back on schedule too.

We got our new dishwasher yesterday and Zan installed it last night. I didn't get to run it because it was getting late, but it is running now. It's very nice and quiet. I also like the fact that the controls are on the top of the door (under the counter top) so Sam can't push them. It has a nice clean front. So I've got one load started and I'll have to reload once this load is done. It amazes me how many dishes you use in a 24 hour period!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Enjoyed the comment about the DW glad that is taken care of. Sounds like Zan is busy, as are you. I thought the bus stopped right in front of the house to bad it's stops 3 house down (oh well). Glad you guys are enjoying the regular time. Sammy grumpy that is hard to believe.Wow a 3 hour nap. Glad to hear the DW is a quiet one.

JoEllen said...

Logan has been taking long naps too. the time changed messed our whole family up.

enjoy the new dishwasher! i wish the controls on ours were hidden from our toddler's fingers! :)