Dusting Off The Sawdust

The saw's been working and so has my hammer and paint brush. This morning we moved our new headboard upstairs into the bedroom. I wanted to get it out of the garage even though I still need to make the bed frame. I put this together last week and it took four days to stain it. I always have a picture in my mind of how I want things to turn out and they rarely turn out as lovely as they are in my head but this one did and I'm very pleased!

The bed frame shouldn't take me long and I'm very excited to get it all done and put together!


Weekend Recap

It was a beautiful weekend here! Our old Slip and Slide got a hole in it so off to Target I went to get a new one. I got one that's three people wide and you can race. The kids (and Zan) had a great time. 

Daisy and I took a really long walk today. It was nice to get out and totally wore her out. Ella only has three days of school left for the year. Sam is all done with preschool. I have some cute video from his last day. They were singing songs - I need to sort through the video.

I have some finishing touches to my latest building project. When it's done I'll post pictures. All in all we didn't do a whole lot but we had a great weekend. Looking forward to our upcoming trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa!!!