Squeaking It In

I wonder if you get home after midnight and then do your posting if it counts on that day or the previous day? Well I'm usually in long before midnight but it is late tonight.

We went out to run a couple errands after dinner which ended up a couple long errands. We ended up at Best Buy splurging. (I won't go into details...yet.) The kids were really good. We sat in one of their movie rooms watching Transformers. The kids got a kick out of the "robots". It always seems to take so long there, but we just got home and plopped the kids into bed. I'm sure they're already asleep.

These are old pictures, but you get the idea! :)


Grandma and Grandpa said...

You guys were really shopping late. I bet you both were as tired as the kids and were just as happy to be home. The daily blogs are great and I am sure you will make it thur the month.