Master Samuel

With Ella being away at school in the morning Sam has had to play by himself. I mean I'm there to read and play with him too, but there are times when he plays by himself. He's been into the train set. I set up the train on the table, but after the first day he took it down and started building a track on the floor. So now I don't even bother taking the time to set it up on the table because he just prefers building a new track every day.

I've had fun watching him decide which piece to use next and where to put it. He really thinks long and hard about such things. He's a little engineer.

I love this age that he's at. Most people say the terrible two's, but it's amazing the things they learn when they are two. The speaking skills and figuring things out for themselves. He comes up to me every day with something new to say. Some funnier than others. If he knows he's not supposed to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking at the stove he'll come in and say, "hug". He knows that works with me every time. I think the funniest thing is when you ask for a kiss on your cheek he HAS to kiss both cheeks. If you don't he will grab your head with his hands until he gets both. Must be the European in him.

Ella had her swimming lessons today also. She'll be moving up to the bigger kid classes in January. She's such a good swimmer. I should bring my little video camera and get that on video so you can see.

On our way home today we were behind a dump truck and we suddenly heard a LOUD bang. Well the truck blew a tire! I always wondered what it was like when a truck blows a tire. You always see the treads lying on the roads. Well I finally got to see it. Luckily I wasn't driving too close behind (for this and other reasons) so we had plenty of space to maneuver around the debris. Kinda cool and makes me thankful I wasn't driving too close to the truck, yikes!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Cute pictures. The young ones make it look so easy to bend or sit that way. It is interesting that he would like the set on the floor vs the table. I suppose he likes really getting into his work. Nice to hear about Ella's swimming lessons. When she was here we could tell she was proud of them. Yea a video of her swimming would be great. Your right about the kiss I thought that was real cute when he kissed us on both checks that one afternoon. Ella and Sammy are both such tender kids. Yea those exploding truck tires are real dangerous. I have never seen one either.

JoEllen said...

lol @ the last picture of Sam. hilarious. his train set looks cool!

oooh those tire blow-outs freak me out. we were right behind someone on the interstate when i saw acar do that for the first time & then a few months later it happened to me in my old truck! (i was pregnant with Logan at the time and it scared me so bad!)