Busy Day!!

Wow, I was planning on adding a post this morning. I'm only a little behind.

Sam and I went to the doctors office this morning. I decided to get him the H1N1 vaccine. Ella isn't in the high risk group yet, but Sam is. It was the flu mist and the nurse was amazed how well he sat there and didn't move or flinch or anything. He was pretty funny.

Nana came over after lunch and we headed to the Christmas tree farm to pick out her tree. We found a few that would work for her (tall), but they were all tagged. She'll have to find her tall tree elsewhere. We had a great time running around all the trees since the weather was so nice!

After Sam went down for his nap I decided to paint the lower level 1/2 bath. Painting a small bathroom is harder than you'd think. There are so many 'little' places and working in a small space is tricky. Plus there are 9 ft ceilings, which is new to me. Needless to say I had to get the tall stool because the step stool wasn't cutting it. It is done and looks really nice. It's a nice brown color. I believe the name is "mocha latte". Looks fancy. :)

Painting took all afternoon and into the evening. Made dinner then played basketball with the kids. Then bed. Now I sit here deciding whether or not I should go for a run. I was planning on it, but I'm quite tired. I figured by the time I was done writing this I would have decided whether or not to go. I think my mind is procrastinating by babbling on and on here. I suppose since the weather is nice I can go on my run and walk if I can't run. I wish I had songs on my iPod. I should really find that.

I was actually going to post about Sam, but I think I'll just do that tomorrow.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Glad to hear Sammy got his "H1N1", to bad Ella couldn't. They say people born before 1950 will most likely get a mild type if any (I guess they are immune to some degree). To bad all the big trees were tagged for you mom. 1/2 bath sounds nice. I can see where all the little details would slow you up. Yea 9' ceilings can be fun not. Glad you hear you guys are running, but you will have to explain to us how you work out together when one does it during the day and one at nite.