Christmas, Part II: The Return

Well, we made it back from Sioux Falls in one piece. I'm sorry I haven't posted any pics yet, but I've been busy trying to put everything away and to top it off I've caught a cold. It's just wiped me out. I haven't even downloaded the pictures yet. I've managed to clean the downstairs though; unfortunately I just moved everything upstairs.

We had a really good time with all of the family. Can't wait to see them again soon! Congratulations to Bob and Jill on the new addition to the family. We need a name for the new pup though! :) I'll post pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome Christmas w/ Sammy as a new addition. Loved seeing everyone and eating and opening gifts and just being w/family. We are very blessed. New pup will be here February 23. New name is Kodiak(like the bear).Will be called Kody.Love you all.
Jill and Bob