On To Warmer Days...

We're enjoying the warmer temperatures these days. Well for a couple days anyways. Zan even suggested going snowshoeing tomorrow? We'll see...

Ella and I put together Sammy's exersaucer the other day. He's a little small for it, but he really likes it! There's one video of him just playing with it and the other is of him playing, but it shows how much he really likes the star on it. It has a smiley face on the side that we can't see, so he keeps checking it out.

Ella and daddy went to a ECFE class on Thursday night to see animals that a lady brought to the school. I thought they were going to have reptiles and lizards, but apparently I was wrong. They had a snake, chinchilla, fox, hedgehog and a few other animals. The first thing Ella said to me when they got home was, "They didn't have any lizards!" In that way that she does. So today we had to go to the pet store so she could see some lizards. They had lots of them and they were really cute! Maybe some day we'll have to bring one home.




Aunt Jill said...

Sammy looks like he is lost amongst his toys in the bottom video.
Love to watch him grow.
Thank you Shannon

grandma said...

Just looked at the latest videos.Sammy is growing too fast. The new toy is really cool. It is almost scary. We check your space daily and love to hear what you guys are doing. Grandpa got new clothes but they were too big for the camera so you guys will have to come here to see them. Hi and kisses to Ella and Sammy. We miss them. Mommy and Daddy too. Love Grandma and Grandpa.