Wow, It's Cold Outside!!

I just ran outside to get the mail (literally) and froze to death! I think we will all be staying inside tomorrow. Unless we really need to get out, but we would have to really bundle up.

I've been cleaning my desk off here most of the day. I'd really like to organize the shelves, but Sammy's been sleeping for almost 4 hours (with us in here and the TV on I might add) so I haven't wanted to be too noisy. It looks pretty good. Clean too, it was kinda dusty.

So I'm thi
nking of becoming a Norwex sales consultant. If you haven't heard me talking about the products you should really check them out. It's about cleaning without chemicals. Some of the products are really great and I would expect you to buy some from me! :) Just go to www.norwex.com to see some of the things they have. I use quite a few of them.

Not much else happening around here. Nana and Papa leave for Mexico tomorrow morning and man did they luck out in their timing. I guess it's close to 90 there. What I wouldn't give for a nice warm day on the beach!

Here's a cute picture of Ella. I haven't put one of her up in a few days. Whenever I take a picture of Sam she wants me to take one of her too. Or as she says, "I want to smile!". How can I refuse? Her eye was still a little swollen from her laser treatment.

Here's a picture that I took to send to the doctor. I had e-mailed him Sunday morning, since I didn't know who to call...and he told me to call him at home. He said that the swelling was normal and would go down, which it did. We have the best doctor for her. He said I could call him day or night at home or on his cell. How many doctors give you their home phone #? Not many. He's also on the cover of this month's Mpls, St. Paul magazine as the best doctor in MN. An honor he's had numerous times. We are very blessed to have such a great doc!


jill said...

No picture of Sammy today? I hope my Ella's little face doesn't hurt to badly. It looks so sore. She is so beautiful. She's also a little trooper. The kids both seem to be happy all the time. They are such a blessing to our family. Thank-you again Ryan and Shannon for the best thing that has happened to our family in years!!!!!!!!Aunt Jill