Sammy Looks So Smart!

I decided to try a few things on Sammy that he got for Christmas. I know, a little late, but I've been busy. I thought they were all very cute, but man that plaid shirt is adorable. (I know, I'm biased.) The coat is a bit on the big side, I'm not sure if he'll grow into that one until summer. :) We'll have to see. It looks like it kinda fits, but his hands only go to the armpits or so. He's looks dashing though... I've still been trying to get a video of him rolling over, but he's camera shy, so I'm still working on it.


Grandma said...

Sammy looks so cute in his preppy clothes. We really love all the pictures. Keep them coming...Grandma and Grandpa really miss all the hugs from Ella and Sammy, so this really means alot.Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Sammy is so dashing!!!He looks a little "stiff" in his parka:-).Maybe it can be exchanged. I know grandpa said I can't buy anymore clothes...but we can't have our niece and nephew feeling neglected. Besides, that why God put me on this earth, for Ella, Sammy and the loveable animals on this earth.
Love you guys.

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob