Christmas, Part II Photos

Well, I finally got the photos from Sioux Falls Christmas downloaded. I didn't take too many, but there are a few that are very cute. I still have my cold, still sucks. It was better yesterday, but got worse again today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I can't complain because it still isn't that bad.

Christmas (New Year's) in Sioux Falls was a lot of fun for everyone. Ella had a lot of fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa. She got to meet auntie Pam for the first time and a second cousin Oliver. Those two little ones had lots of fun playing together. Sammy got to meet everyone. Everyone thought he was so cute and who am I to disagree. He even slept 13 hours straight one night. Unfortunately he hasn't done it again.

Everyone got great gifts that we are all enjoying.
Ella loves her Play Doh toys and her road rug is a big hit. She has it set up in her room and Zan is enjoying it too! :) Sammy has been getting a lot of use out of his tummy time spin garden. He was on it tonight and just lifted his head up and looked all around for the longest time. Zan is currently out running with his new gear that he got. I'm sorry but no matter how much "gear" I had you still wouldn't catch me out running on a cold winter night!!!!

That's the scoop, not much else going on since then. I'll post some pict
ures below of the fun had. Enjoy!!! The four generation photo is really nice! Ella was handing out presents and was very good at it too!!