Bare Butts and Baby Oil

Coming up with a creative title is generally fun, sometimes more than others! :)

I'd finally had enough of the cradle cap on Sammy's head, so I decided to use baby oil on it. I hadn't previously because of all his hair and I figured it would be hard to get out. Well it looks like the cradle cap is gone, which is nice, but his hair is a little greasy. Oh well, it will get better. He's just really styling!

Then I had to get a cute picture of his butt. Everyone has to have a picture of their baby like this. It's too cute! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just me again. I LOVE looking at the kids every night. I get to see them grow up even if I'm not there!!!!!
The pictures of Sammy are TOO CUTE. What a doll.
Aunt Jill