We've Got a Roller!!

Tonight Sammy rolled from his back to his tummy!! He is exactly 3 months old today. All the way over and got his arm out too. We're so proud of our little guy. I looked back at the books to see when Ella accomplished this feat and she rolled over just a few days after turning 3 months. However, the difference is that she rolled from her tummy to her back. It took her another 2 months to roll the other way around. I think Sammy will get the other way a little faster. He almost got back around tonight. I'll try and get a video of him this weekend and post it.

On another note Ella had a laser treatment this afternoon. Everything went well. We figured that this was her 16th treatment. She does very well, but I think she is sensitive to the anesthesia because she threw up all over Zan. I can laugh because she's done it to me once before. The good thing is that all she has to throw up is the juice and Popsicle, so not too bad. She's back to her normal self already.


Anonymous said...

Good job Sammy!!!!!!I hope your mommy does get a video on it. I would love to see your first major accomplishment.
Ella just gets more beautiful with or without her treatments. I couldn't love my great niece and great nephew any more than I do. They are a bright light in my life. And they made Christmas one of the best Christmas' we've ever had. Thank you Shannon and Ryan for giving us these blessings.

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob