My New Job

I'm officially a sales consultant for Norwex products. I received all my stuff today and I'll be getting ready to start parties!! If anyone wants to host a party just let me know. For you out of town relatives I'll be contacting you shortly!! :) They have the best hostess gifts I've seen for parties and the products are just great. The other day I threw away all the cleaning chemicals in my house. No more smelly cleaning products around here. The Norwex ones work so nicely and are very easy to use! It takes me so much less time to clean and I don't have to buy cleaning products at the store. Check out their website for their products and if you'd like to have a catalog just let me know and I'll make sure you get one! www.norwex.com Just navigate your way to the US site.

We went to Zan's work today for the chili contest. My chili didn't win, but it was very good. Ella had a fun time running around his office and Sammy got to meet lots of people and smile at everyone. We had a fun time. Zan is now home, so I'm gonna run.


Aunt Jill said...

Well, let me be the first one to ask for one of your catalogs. I've never heard of the company...but if Shannon likes it, it must be a good one.
Anxiously awaiting pictures of the kids.:)
Got Ryans Rudy lenses yesterday...will be mailing them out shortly.

Aunt Jill

Grandma said...

I am a little behind on the comments. been working too much. First let me say that I loved the picture of Ella in her new dress and tights. She looked so cool. And I'm glad to hear that Sammy still has his trademark hair style.Shan, it sounds like you are really excited about your new job! Who introduced you to this product? I have never heard of it either. Time for bed. Willtalk to you later. Love Grandma P.S. We received some adorable pictures in the mail today! Thank you Sammy for sending them.