Christmas, Part II

So we're all getting ready to go to Sioux Falls for New Years (Christmas). There's a lot to be done. Ella and I have been baking cookies and bars like never before. She likes to help me put the ingredients in the bowl. She wants to stir, but has a hard time. Maybe next year.

I think I've about finished all the baking though. I had to make two batches of certain things because we all ate the first batches. Can I just say that this is the worst time to try and lose the baby weight, nearly impossible! But I haven't put any on, just slower in coming off.

Sammy's been having a really good time playing on his play mat. He's even getting his legs into it now. I think it will only be a matter of time before his feet end up in his mouth! :) He was playing quite a bit before bedtime tonight. I just had to take a picture. Check out the cute thighs!!

He even seems to be close to rolling over. He can really crane his neck and body around, he just needs to learn how to swing that leg around and he'd have it. Usually though babies tend to roll from stomach to back first, but I think Sam might actually do the other first. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Look out Sioux Falls, here we come!!! :)