Just Playing

This is the response I get most of the time from Ella when I ask her what she's doing. I think she picked it up from a commercial on TV. Well Sammy rolled over from his tummy to his back Tuesday night. You'd think I would have gotten a video of that, but no. He was so fast, I was actually grabbing for the camera and boom, he was over. 5 seconds max! I will get it though.

We went to Nana's today to play with Damien. I think those kids just wear each other out. Ella fell asleep on the way home and that is not normal for her. She just doesn't sleep during the day, nope, not her, way too much to do to sleep. Luckily for me she likes to sleep until 8 or so in the morning.

Well I got a cute video of Sammy playing in his bouncer. He was just having too much fun. I can't wait until he can crawl around and play with his toys, he's always so happy and having so much fun.


grandma said...

glad to hear that everything is going good. We love the vidios.I thought Sammy looked a little different and decided its because his hair isn't standing up. It will be fun to see him rolling over. Love Grandma P.S. Grandpa said Aunt Jill couldn't buy Sammy anymore clothes! I don't know why he would say such a thing. Tell Ella that grandma found her yellow coupe and that I will take good care of it until she comes to get it.