We're Moved...mostly

It's now Sunday morning and most everything is moved into the house. We are currently spending our last morning at Nana and Papa's. We have to bring some things from here over to the house, but other than that just need to get things put together (crib, bed, etc.) and find some (most) things.

The house is really great! There is one issue that I have though. Our dishwasher sucks! I can't fit my dinner plates in there without the water spinning thing hitting them. It seems like it's apartment sized or something. So we're going to have to get a new dishwasher. Otherwise we'll be eating off of salad plates forever! I just don't understand why the dishwasher is so crappy. All the other appliances are very nice, but not this. Oh well, I guess we'll get it figured out one way or the other.

Well I need to go get the kids up and dressed and try to get Zan up and moving. Must finish moving everything and I also have to run to the grocery store because all that's in the refrigerator is Mountain Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper.... :)


Grandma and Grandpa said...

All moved in. Anxious to hear all the stories, especially what Ella thinks of her bdrm. Love Sammy's reference "the big house". Sorry to hear about the dishwasher. Everyone should sleep well to night. (In fact you guys are most likely sleeping as I write this.).