A Comfy Lap

I was rinsing out my paint brushes in the sink the other day when I hear Ella ask Sam if he wants to sit in her lap. They were watching a show on TV and Sam was just standing there while Ella was sitting in her chair.

He proceeds to sit himself up on her lap. Way too cute. Now of course my camera is upstairs and I'm full of paint. So do I rush upstairs to get the camera because you know when I get back down he will have gotten down? I chanced it and quietly ran upstairs. When I got back he was still sitting there and they were engrossed in their show.

So I snapped away. Eventually Ella realized how heavy he is (nearly 30 lb.) and got him his own chair. But I have the moment captured on camera.


Catie said...

That is absolutely the sweetest thing I've seen all week. Makes me miss my little brothers.

Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill said...

What a darling picture!!!!!!! Sammy and Ella are so adorable. They get along so well. Hopefully that will last into their teen years. Also wanted to say I loved Sammy and Ella's b'day card with their own signatures. They were so cute. Especially Sammy's. I could make out Ella's name...and Sammy's was pretty distinctive too. Just an adorable picture. Glad you were able to get it.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Nice pictures. Ella is so soft hearted and thoughtful of others and it always shows in the little things. Such as letting her little brother sit on her lap and get him a chair. They say you can usually tell how young kids will be by when they get older by the little things they do for people and how they interact with others.