A New Routine

We're getting settled in very well in our new home. I'd put up some pictures for you, but the place is a mess and I just can't let anyone see it in disarray. If you're lucky I'll take a picture of the kids bathroom and put it up. It's very cute and pretty much done. I still have some painting to do in their rooms, but it's going to take a little bit on those projects.

I need to keep going through boxes that are in the garage. I'd love to have the car in the garage with all the rain that we've been getting. I was telling Zan it almost feels like we have everything we need in the house (except all our bedding) but we have a garage full of stuff!

The kids have adjusted really well. Sam is still sleeping at the moment. Ella gets to sleep about a half-hour longer in the morning and I do too. Sam snoozes in the morning and I get him up about a half-hour after Ella gets on the bus. I'd let him sleep longer, but I think it's long enough. Even though this quiet time in the morning is very nice.

We got our cable and Internet yesterday which is very nice. I was very excited to put up our curtain rod that I had purchased a couple months back only to find out that I ordered the wrong size. They no longer have that curtain rod anymore either. I've spent a lot of time looking for another one that is the style we want and is affordable, but have yet to find that. At least there aren't any houses behind us. Maybe I'll get Sam's curtains up today. We're going to get my brakes replaced after Ella gets back from school. There's a Perkins across the street that we're going to go have lunch at. Hopefully the rain will let up for a little bit.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

I am sure the wait was worth it. Sounds like what you guys are doing is so much fun and I think it's just starting. You will really like the 3-car garage this winter. Extra 1/2 hour of sleep for Ella and a peaceful morning for you what more can you ask for. I was worried you wouldn't have cable in before the Vikings/Packer game but I guess you made it. I bet Ella likes the bus pickup/drop off right in front of the house. To bad about the curtain rod. Thanks for the update.