Fall Pumpkins

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and to pick out our Christmas tree. There's a tree farm just a couple miles from us that also happens to have a pumpkin patch. The nice thing is that you can grab a tag and find your Christmas tree that you will cut down after Thanksgiving. It's much nicer to roam around the tree farm when it's warmer out and no snow on the ground.

The pumpkin patch leaves a little to be desired and this year was no exception. Last year they didn't have any pumpkins because they didn't grow well. This year they were very picked over and what was left wasn't that great. The field was very muddy too. We managed to bog through and found a few that are now decorating our front step. You also only pay for the pumpkins what you want. They were less expensive this year than in years past! :)

Sam got his 2 year photos taken today. He did really well in following direction and smiling. There came a point though when he was done. And by done I mean done. We asked him to sit one more time and he said no. We asked him to sit by Ella for a picture and he said no. So we were done. We did get a few really cute pictures of him though. I also snapped a few before we left by our pumpkins.


JoEllen said...

he's a handsome fellow.

i think that is really neat that you can also tag your Christmas tree early!

blech, i have yet to drive past a pumpkin patch that isn't covered by cold, muddy people.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sammy look so fashior or should I say like quite the dude. We liked the picture. Tagging the tree now sounds so much nicer than when it's cold and wet out.