Snow Out...Snow Out

Sam walked around all morning looking out the window and saying, "snow out, snow out". It has mostly melted by now which is good. I'm not ready for snow just yet. We don't even have our pumpkins outside yet!

What better thing to do on a snowy day inside than bake cookies! I picked these up last week for the kids. They are so good. I could probably eat a whole batch warm from the oven by myself!

I think I've finally got the kitchen all organized for the last time. I had put everything away and realized that I didn't like where things were. So after taking most things out of their respective places I found them all new respective places. I'm quite satisfied for now. There are other things that need to be organized now. If only you could see the room I'm sitting in now....


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Yep loved all the pictures. Ella looks like a young model. Sammy had cute pictures also. The 2nd one by the cake was interesting it looked like he had thought of something clever to do. The bathroom wooks nice and I could almost smell the cookies. Nice sunrise you guys get to share. I bet it's nice to stand by the door and watch Ella get on the bus (no standing in the cold).

nancy said...

holy moly. That's a lot of snow! It's snowed here twice so far but not that much.

Those cookies look so good. yum.

I also wanted to thank you for responding to my post on my blog. You said some nice things about me and wanted you to know I really appreciated it.