Halloween Photos

We just got back from trick or treating. The kids had so much fun. The weather wasn't so bad either. Chilly, but not windy. We even met a couple kids from the neighborhood who are in Ella's class. One girl came right up to Ella and gave her a big hug. Very nice kids.

We just left the bowl on the front step and when we got back there was so much left!! I've instructed Zan and Ella to give handfuls to anyone else that comes to the door. I don't need all that candy laying around the house.

Here are all the pictures that I have. Notice the cute pumpkins too! Sammy and my pumpkin is the bat and the other one is Zan and Ella's.


Catie said...

Those bugs are so cute I wouldn't squish em!

JoEllen said...

lol! love the round n rolly bug costumes. very cute!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

It looks like Halloween was good to you guys. Glad to hear everyone enjoyed Zan's work. The costumes were great. Like the story about them falling down on top of each other. Nice to hear that Ella has a couple of friends close by. We handed out candy most the nite (I shut the light off around 10PM). One watched while the other handed out the candy, you can guess who did the work.