Move Postponed

Well the big (er, small) move has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Everything is done and approved but the paperwork wasn't going to be done on time. So my car is still packed with the paint and other initial essentials, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to unpack it.

I'm disappointed, but it's only a one-day delay, so I can deal...sort of....


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Looking forward to hearing about the big move tomorrow. Enjoy your exciting weekend. The kids should really enjoy everthing that is happening around them. I am sure Ella will remember this day.

Auntie Jill & Uncle Bob said...

What an exciting day!!!! Knowing Shannon and her organization skills it will be simple. She probably has the drawers labeled with what the contents should be.I was VERY impressed to see the kids in their sunglasses. They may not have kept them on long...but they were on long enough for Auntie Jill to think they are wearing them regularly. Thank you. Next time Shannon calls me the crazy Aunt I'm going to remind her of jumping off a table with an
umbrella(?). I take back all the wonderful things I've said about you being so smart:-). The picture of the sunrise was beautiful. It did look like a professional photographers work. Tell Ella Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob need cookie dough!!!!!Let us know what kind we can get.
Have fun tomorrow and keep us informed on the move.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob