"Blog Worthy"

Almost every morning I have this window of time where Ella has left for school and Sam is still sleeping where I come on the computer and do a little looking around. Often times I think of updating the blog. After all this would be a perfectly good time to do that without hearing screaming ~playing~ downstairs or something.

Unfortunately I don't always have something that I feel is interesting enough to post about. Who knows, maybe to other people it's interesting to hear about all of my previous days accomplishments.

But I often wonder if you want to hear that I hung up a picture in our hallway yesterday. Or that I moved these really large boxes out of the family room into the basement. I even organized our bills/mail/receipts in the office so they are easier to find.

To me these things just aren't blog worthy. I had the heating guy out to fix the vent in Ella's room so that it isn't so cold in there. That might be a little more blog worthy because it's keeping my child warm. :)

I do try to post something everyday to keep it interesting, but I often fail at finding something that is interesting to write about. Maybe I should start watching some news shows and comment on politics or other news worthy items. But I really don't want to debate most issues.

If there's anything you'd like to see on here let me know!

Otherwise I'll have great photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes very soon. We're going trick or treating at Zan's office later today. Ella's been teaching Sam how to say "trick or treat". It's very cute!!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

We always enjoy the blog your pictures and comments are interesting. We kinda look at the blog like a window into that day of you and your families' life. What you have done and what you plan to do for that day is always interesting.