Stripe It Up

I've been busy putting stripes on Ella's wall. I'm very, very please with how they are turning out. Many times I have a vision in my head about how I want things to be. Most of the time they don't quite turn out like I planned. This time they are turning out perfect. I'm not done, there are a couple more colors to add. Since I can only do one color a day (so it can dry) it takes a few days to finish. I can't wait to do Sam's room.

Here's a photo of it about half way done.

Sam had his two year check up on Tuesday. He's doing really well. Still tall and lean, but about the same as he has been. On the way home from the doctors Ella says, "I like chickens as food, but not as animals." After giggling for a minute I asked her why. She said they aren't cute. We then proceeded to drive by a farm and there were chickens out front and I pointed them out to Ella. All she could do was laugh. She thought it was so funny that there were chickens out there.

The kids crack me up.


Mom and Dad said...

We really like Ella's wall. You did a great job. As for Ella and the chickens that is a funny and cute story. She really does have a cute sense of humor we just love it. Glad to hear about Sam's check up. Sammy is also funny. Sometimes his look just cracks us up.

JoEllen said...

Ella's room looks great! (we can never paint anything without it getting all over the place, lol) those colors are very pretty.

i had a nice giggle about the chicken story. :)