Happy 2nd Birthday Sam!!

Sam (my baby) is two years old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Nana and Papa came over this afternoon to drop off a present for Sam and have a little cake. Sam had a good day. Didn't seem to care too much that it was his birthday. If you ask him how old he is he says, "two".

We've been very busy around here trying to get everything where it should be. Zan was able to get the garage door opener installed so we got the cars in the garage here before it starts snowing. (Barely made that one!) Our office here is very cluttered. It's more of a staging room almost.

School has been going well for Ella. She still really enjoys it and is learning new things every day. She went on a field trip last Thursday to the fire station and had a great time.

Sam showing off his jersey.

The kids bathroom. (I think it's the only room that is completed.)

Ella and I watch the sun rise while we eat breakfast. This is our view from the dining room table.

Ella all ready for school.

Sam with his cake. I love the look of "trouble" on his face. Then playing with his new basketball hoop that we got him.


JoEllen said...

aawww. Happy Birthday buddy! :)

what a fantastic view to have each day! gorgeous. i bet Ella enjoys having that special time with you in the mornings too.