Sticky Fingers

We ran to the mall this morning to run a couple errands. I haven't been out of the house very much with these freezing cold temps we've had so it was nice to get out.

We proved on two occasions today that it would be very easy to slip out of a store with unpaid merchandise. After we checked out at Target and started walking away I noticed that Sam was holding some piece of candy he picked up at the checkout when I was helping Ella with her bow. That boy will grab anything within his reach (he's in his stroller).

Then we were leaving Scheels and I was going to purchase a neck gaiter for Ella. I had set it on top of the stroller, but didn't notice it was still there until we were half way down the mall. Yikes! I sent Zan back to pay for it.

Previously we've walked out of stores and there was something that Sam had picked up and put in the stroller. I'm usually pretty good at keeping an eye on him or at least looking in the stroller quite often to make sure he hasn't picked up anything, but I was clearly out of practice today.

On a good note it's supposed to get nice and warm (almost 30) this week. I'm very excited to see some melting around here!


Scheels said...

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time at Scheels! We also appreciate your honesty with the item you accidentally went out of the store with. Those strollers can sometimes make shopping tricky! Have a great week! -Scheels