Day 6...No End in Sight

It has been a very long week and it's only Thursday. Ella is still sick. She's been on antibiotics since Monday, but I haven't noticed a difference sick wise in her. I'm sure her ears are getting better, but they weren't bothering her to begin with. I'm sure she's just got a crappy virus of some sort but if she's not better by tomorrow we're going back to the doctors. She seems a little better today than she did yesterday.

It's just these recurrent fevers that have me baffled. During the day she has a temperature of around 100 or 101 then in the evening it will go up to 103 to 104.5 or so. She sleeps quite well and in the morning it's back down a little. Every night I keep thinking that this ~has~ to be the last night of this, but same thing next day.

This has to be the most sick she has ever been. We've never had any fevers last more than a couple days around here. Stuffy/runny noses yes, but missing what I'm sure will be a whole week of school is crazy. Every morning I call the school and they're like, "she's still sick?". Yup, she is....

I can hear them playing Lego's downstairs. Once they start to get better I'm going to need to disinfect this entire house. No need until they stop coughing all over everything. (I say they because Sam has a little cold and slight cough. Nothing bad like Ella.)


Grandma and Grandpa said...

That really is to bad about Ella and to miss a week of school on top of it. I sure she will be real busy next week trying to get all the makeup work finished. To bad she couldn't do a little makeup while she was feeling better during the day than she wouldn't have so much to do when she goes back. I bet it is also hard on you if your getting up almost every hour to check on her. Hope the doctors give her something that works better. Hope your schedule gets back to normal soon for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Don't like to hear Ella has a temp of 104!! I hope she is better by tomorrow. A whole week off of school...I bet she doesn't like it. But I bet Sammy does. I think the health of your family comes from the Norwex products you use. I better start using more of the cleaning products. Give Ella and Sammy a hug from Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill