All A Buzz

We hadn't been to church in a couple weeks due to one thing or the other, but this morning we got up and all ready. Except that Sam's nose was running and watch out if he sneezed!! So Sam and I stayed home while Zan took Ella. While they were gone I was chilly and Zan had a pot of coffee going.

Now I don't normally drink coffee because I'm not too fond of the taste. But it was warm and handy so I took half a cup; put some cream and sugar in it and proceeded to drink it in about 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter I had a nice buzz going. I'm only used to drinking one diet Coke a day and even that is over a few hours.

Zan sat there quite amused while I rambled on and on about this and that very fast. The room seemed very animated for about a half hour or so until most of it wore off. It was quite interesting and funny all at the same time. Same thing happens with alcohol too, so watch out!

Sam's doing fine just a runny/stuffy nose. He was sitting here watching tv with Houston.

If you check out my photo blog you'll see Houston wearing a hat that I knit. It came out a little small, so I gave it to Houston. Too bad Sam doesn't want him to wear it and pulls it off as soon as he can. I also finished a 2 to 3 year sized hat Friday night that ended up fitting me when I was done. The thing is the gauge on it is correct, so I'm not sure what happened there. So now I have a nice pink and green striped hat. :)


Queen Bee said...

i giggled about the coffee! that was cute.

<3 Sam with Houston! adorable. hey, a least two of you have hats now. ;)

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill said...

I love the titles of your blog pages. I try to guess the subject matter before I read the story. Love the pictures you post on your other blog. Especially the tree w/ the frost. Hope you can break Sammy of the "sticky finger" syndrome...he wouldn't look good in stripes. Wish I had been there to experience the coffee episode. Love the picture of Sammy with Houston. Hope everyone is over their sniffels. You are so talented...cooking, knitting, photography etc.......

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob