Hanging in There

So Ella is still on the mend and Sam is still sick. I've been able to keep his temps under control a bit better than Ella but he gets more uncomfortable when they get higher. Luckily that isn't usually too long and he is fine most of the time. He is quite the snot machine these days. Quite crusty would be a good visual. It's just harder on him because he's younger and doesn't understand as much as Ella does. I ended up taking him to the Target clinic Friday night because his fever was almost 105 and he was very uncomfortable. He checked out fine with just a virus of some type. It's really nice to have that clinic so close!

I've also caught their cold, but it's not really slowing me down. Just a minor annoyance. At least Ella will be going back to school tomorrow.

I'm signing Ella up for soccer here this week. (She'll play in April and May.) I can't wait to watch her play. She's such a runner that she should be good at soccer. I've waited for years to sign her up, can't wait!

I've been having some problems with my camera that I thought were due to a memory card issue. Unfortunately it isn't the card, but the problem seems to be with my camera. This isn't good! I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while now, but the timing is great. I'm going to hope that this one holds on long enough so I can get the one I want down the road. I have my backup camera that I might use more often, but I really like my good one!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Ella is doing much better. Glad you are signing We are also anxious to hear about Ella and her soccer adventures. No doubt Ella is a runner. We are sorry to that Sammy and you are now going through the same thing Ella did. It's nice that you have a clinic that is closer to you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sammy. It makes me sad to hear he doesn't feel good. Glad to hear Ella is doing better. Hope I can get up to see some of Ella's first soccer games. I think that would be fun. Take good care of the kids and yourself and of course Ry.