New Year's Post (a little late)

Since I was out of town I didn't get to my obligatory New Year's post about the past year. Now is better than never right? 2009 was a very interesting year for us. I'd like to call it a turning point for our family.

Zan's job went well throughout the year and he continues to enjoy his work. I'm continuing to stay home with the kids and enjoy that very much. I do still sell Norwex products on the side, but that doesn't take much of my time since I'm such a horrible sales person! :)

In the spring we decided to try and sell our home. The market sucked but we thought it was a great opportunity to get into a new home at a good price. The conditions that they were we would actually be able to get the house we always wanted but never thought we'd be able to get at this point in time. So we listed our house at the beginning of April. Before we even got our house on the market we had signed a purchase agreement to build a home when ours sold.

We had quite a few showings, a couple a week, which kept me busy trying to keep the house clean with two children. Our Realtor told us our house would sell in about 45 days and she was right. On Mother's Day we got an offer and the next day we signed the papers for that!

Since the market was questionable we decided to hold off building until the appraisal and inspection went through. The appraisal took up until the week before closing before it was completed. They wanted a quick close, so about a month later we were out. We went to live with my parents for the summer. The kids had a great time living with Nana and Papa out on the lake for the summer. It was fun, but I always miss having my own space. Besides the fact that there were four of us sharing a bedroom.

They started building our house on June 20th and we moved in October 1st. Since then we've been trying very hard to get everything back in working order. Pretty successfully too.

Ella started kindergarten this fall and really likes school. Sam has been adjusting to Ella being gone in the morning and gets really excited when she gets home.

Some new things that I'm expecting for 2010 will be Ella starting 1st grade!! Yikes, full day school. Sam will be moving out of his crib into a bed. Hopefully this can wait a while though. Sam won't start preschool until next year because he'll be a little young this year. Ella and Sam are only 3 yrs 4 mo apart in age, but they are 4 years apart in school.

Hopefully this year will be mostly uneventful and we'll be able to just enjoy our new home, do fun things with the kids and have a great year!!

I wish you all the best year ever!!


Queen Bee said...

your house sold in 45 days? i am impressed! is that because it was in an area that that was popular or growing?

we have no idea where we would live if our house actually sold and we were waiting for the new one to be built... it's another thing that is holding us back, i think.

have a happy 2010!!

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob said...

I'm bbbaaaacccckkkkk!!! Loved looking back at the pictures I have missed. Pictures of the kids are to cute but do not do them justice. They are much more cute in person than in pictures. Looks like everyone is liking your new home. I know why your home sold in 45 days...because you are so organized and neat. Happy "Twenty-Ten". Now I have to say it correctly too.

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob

Shannon said...

The reason the house sold so fast was because we had a great Realtor who knew the area and had us price it right (we lost money on the deal) with all the competition. The market here is pretty average I think.